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Our Story

Unbroken Fitness always aims for the best. We love sports, competition and physical activity, and it motivates us to achieve full physical potential of the human body. We believe that it is a real pity when someone gets old without seeing what he/her is capable of. Dare to be great so you can, one day, reach your full potential. Our mission is to enable you to reach that.

We, at Unbroken Fitness, know what is necessary for serious training and we are working on it to give you that. Our customers are people like us. People who follow the same lifestyle and find ways to get better everyday. Our goal is to offer a product that is functional, but also has an attractive appearance, and our duty is to educate and motivate. Functionality and appearance are the exact attributes that are behind our products, which are available on our web store. Train with all your heart and look better than ever before.

The products intended for real training are made of the best materials, sizes, and cuts, which allow functionality and are likewise attractive in appearance. In simple terms, our products aren’t like any other products you can find in other stores. Made without artificial materials that don’t absorb sweat, without labels that bother you while training and without accessories that you can’t use. That is what we have to offer.

Unbroken as an idea represents something durable, tireless, unbreakable, great. That is something we aspire to in our training. That is the characteristic of the people that we turn to. That is the characteristic of our products. Because of that, Unbroken is an ideal name for our way of thinking. Every great winner has the Unbroken philosophy in their way of thinking. Dare to be Unbroken and the results won’t lack.


The man behind Unbroken Fitness

My name is Denis, and the story of Unbroken Fitness begins in my childhood. I chose the active way of life as my lifestyle. That’s how it still is today. Even though I stopped playing for an organized sports team while I was still in college, staying physically active remained one of the most important aspects of my life. The activities that I went through almost 20 years of my sports career got replaced with squats, dead lifts, and Olympic weightlifting. My goals weren’t winning tournaments and finishing high on rankings anymore, but numbers followed by a unit of measurement (usually kilograms, occasionally minutes and seconds).

By the end of my college years, I started working as a strength and conditioning coach (educated, not self proclaimed) and workouts at the gym became an everyday thing. That is what I love, and that is what drives me. I want to draw the most out of someone’s body and make him/her better than they ever thought they would be. At the same time, I have my own goals. I want to be better, stronger, have more endurance, or in short – fitter. And my lifestyle is the same that I want my athletes to have. That is, at the same time, the lifestyle that will stand behind the whole Unbroken Fitness philosophy.

This, in short, is my story. I hope you will become devoted to our philosophy and live the lifestyle that enables you to discover your body’s true potential. Don’t accept less than what your dream is; and never quit.